'I Surrender' Limited Print - Lenny S.

'I Surrender' Limited Print - Lenny S.


Brooklyn, New York | May 31, 2020 

Size: 12x18" 
Printed with Moab Paper


'The Art of Protest' Virtual Gallery Experience 

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Artist Bio:
Music executive Lenny Santiago, known as Lenny S., has been a force in the music industry for over two decades. He has also been integral to the success of Roc Nation, founded by Jay Z. He currently manages DJ Khaled and Fabolous.

Those familiar with Santiago’s brand, know that photography has been a longtime hobby, now turned into exhibitions. He’s captured some of the biggest stars in entertainment throughout history, such as Jay Z, LeBron James, Beyoncé, Diddy, Drake, Dave Chappelle, and many other notable figures and influencers.

Artist Statement:
These are a representation of our people and immense frustration. Our patience has run thin from constant Injustice.