'Juneteenth 2020' Limited Print - Steven 'Sweatpants' Irby

'Juneteenth 2020' Limited Print - Steven 'Sweatpants' Irby


Brooklyn, NY | June 19, 2020 

Size: 12x18"
Printed with Moab Paper 
Limited edition of 10
Please allow 1-2 week shipping.

Artist Bio:
Steven “Sweatpants” Irby is a Brooklyn-based photographer, director, and co-founder of the quarterly photography publication Street Dreams Magazine. A life-long New Yorker inspired by hip-hop, video games, and the energy of the city, Steven captures candid moments poetically.


Artist Statement:
This is my city, my blood, my everything.

I was born in East Flatbush and raised in Jamaica Queens. Been living in Bed-Stuy for the past 12 years. My mom is born and raised in Brownsville and has always been my source of inspiration for my perspective in the world. She used to tell me about the 70s, and how the black experience was back then. How intense, but hopeful it was at the same time. How they used to chant, Black Power in the streets. Fast forward to 2020, I’m fighting the same fight not only she and my family did but what we have been fighting for over 400 years. This is my way to fight, and project the multitude of emotions that comes with some heavy shit like this